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Why can't the express order number displayed on the order query the distribution information?
Delivery list number can not query the distribution information is generally due to the merchants upload the wrong express list number or express temporarily did not enter the information leading to.

How to deal with receiving goods that are not purchased by oneself?
When the goods are received, please check the list carefully. If the list does not match, please contact the customer service personnel directly to handle it for you.

Why is the order locked when the order is modified?
In order to prevent your order from being processed and executed while you modify the order, we will lock your order in the process of modifying the order.

What can I change about the order?
Orders can generally be modified by the contents of the consignee's name, contact telephone, final delivery address, detailed address, delivery time.

My order has been cancelled. When will you give me a refund or coupon?
In general, if the order is not split, the system will automatically return the account in 1-3 working days after the cancellation of the order (for example, the coupon can not be returned if the order is split).

Can we modify the order after placing the order?
To place an order in this mall, you can modify it before printing the order. Open the "Order Details" page and click "Modify the Order" in the upper right corner.
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