Cash on Delivery
Payment on delivery is a way for our distributors to deliver goods to their doors. After receiving the bill of lading and inspecting the goods, customers will directly hand over the payment to the distributors.

If you do not have Alipay or online banking, you can choose the method of cash on delivery.

Note: Distribution fee is 15 yuan per sheet.
Payment method

Payment method
1. payment method we provide Alipay payment, online banking two online payment methods, covering almost all medium-sized and medium-sized banks issued bank cards, the coverage rate of 98%. Choose online payment, your bank card needs to open the corresponding online banking business.

2. The opening of bank cards depends on different bank policies. It is suggested that you call the local bank before paying online, and consult the bank for the types of bank cards and the procedures for opening online payment.

3. The maximum amount of payment is currently limited by all banks. Due to the different policies of each bank, it is recommended that you consult the bank for the online payment function.

4. Payment time online payment is payment success on arrival. If the order status has not been changed due to the network failure, please contact our customer service personnel to solve it for you.
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