Return and Exchange Policy
Return and Exchange Policy

1. Requirements for Return and Exchange Applications

(1) We provide you with 7 days unconditional return and exchange. If you need to deal with the return and exchange, please submit the application for return and exchange within 7 days of the date of signing and receiving. No refund or exchange is allowed after the deadline.
(2) Commodity damage caused by your personal reasons (such as self-size modification, washing, leather polishing, embroidery, long wear, etc.) will not be exchanged.
(3) When returning goods, please ensure that the outer packing of the goods is intact (including package fillers and outer packing boxes or outer packing bags), and that the accessories, tags and tags of the goods are complete. The goods are kept as they were when sold in the official mall, without affecting the second sale.

(4) The return and exchange orders are complete, if the required invoices have been invoiced are complete.
(5) If you exchange part of the goods in a gift bag or suit, you will not be able to enjoy the discount when purchasing a gift bag or suit. If the marking on the sales page does not support partial replacement, it shall be handled according to the content of the marking.

2. Refund and exchange services are not provided in the following circumstances

(1) Commodities that exceed the specified time limit for returning and exchanging goods.
(2) Goods that have been worn or washed.
(3) Commodities that have been modified or processed.
(4) Commodities with missing tags, trademarks, bills, etc.
(5) A small amount of goods with color difference problems (except those with wrong colours).
(6) No refund or replacement shall be given to the problems caused by the damage or loss of accessories (such as belts with dresses) of the merchandise itself.

(7) No trial service is provided for cosmetics. Once the package is opened, no refund is allowed for non-quality reasons.

3. Return and exchange costs
(1) Return and exchange: due to quality problems, we bear the freight back and forth. The buyer will pay the freight back in advance and give you a refund later. The buyer shall bear the cost of return and exchange of non-quality goods.

(2) Refund and exchange postage difference: If a customer produces postage difference or commodity difference in the process of refund and exchange, he can choose and purchase by himself directly through "postage replenishment" and contact customer service after payment to handle the matter of return and exchange.

4. We only offer one return and exchange service for an order. In order to ensure your rights and interests, please contact us after consideration.

5. Please ensure that the commodity tag and all kinds of packaging are complete.

6. If you want to return or exchange goods, please login to the User Center - "I want to return or exchange goods" self-service application.

7. Goods in gift bags or suits may not be returned partially, because after returning goods, goods in original gift bags or suits will not enjoy the purchase discount. 8. Pictures and information are for reference only. Due to the problems of shooting lights and color difference of different monitors, there may be some color difference between commodity pictures and real objects, all of which are subject to physical objects. ​​
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